Thursday, April 14, 2016

Autism Awareness Month Craft Funsies

April is Autism Awareness month! As an Autism Support teacher, I am clearly a huge advocate of educating the world on Autism and spreading awareness. Autism is symbolized by puzzle pieces, which represent the puzzle that Autism is and the need to determine it's cause. It also symbolizes the desire for the medical, educational and general population to work together to "make all the pieces fit."

I found a denim blue pair of canvas shoes at Wal-Mart and printed puzzle pieces from Clip Art onto iron-on transfer paper. After cutting out the puzzle pieces, I ironed on each piece on high.

Using scraps of puzzle piece fabric I had around the house, I created bows for my girls and added painted puzzle pieces to the center using hot glue

I was apparently on a big shoe kick this year. For this pair, I used a pair of blue slip-on shoes purchased at my local Five Below. Using a white, fabric marker and a medium-sized puzzle piece as a stencil, I traced puzzle pieces in various directions all over the shoes. I also ironed over the shoes to heat set the paint into the shoes in the hopes they would last longer.

While it took a bit of time to make, this wreath turned out better than I expected! I used mesh ribbon in a wire, wreath frame and embellished with painted, puzzle pieces adhered with hot glue and puzzle piece ribbon (sold at Wal-Mart).

My hope is not only that we can find the cause and treatment for Autism, but that we can create awareness of what Autism is and avoid the stigmas that have been created that individuals with the disorder are unapproachable, dangerous, or unable to be treated or helped. In my life, I have had the absolute privilege of meeting, teaching, and loving many individuals with Autism. Some of the strongest, most dynamic, and fun people I have met in my lifetime just happen to be Autistic!

Here are some fantastic resources that provide valuable information regarding Autism...

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