Thursday, April 21, 2016

Color Activities

Here are a few quick and easy activities to teach color recognition with toddlers.  The first activity involves foam stickers and laminated construction paper in corresponding colors. The idea is for your toddler to sort the foam stickers by color. It's a cheap and easy idea that can be put together in 15 minutes or less and uses items you likely already have sitting around!

Sorting her little heart out!


The second activity also involves just a few items and is very inexpensive. At my local hardware store, I picked up 6 different colors of paint samples (2 of each color). When I got home, I cut off any words or labels on the samples and pasted one set of each color onto construction paper and kept one set loose and separate. I laminated the construction paper and the individual samples and then added hard Velcro to the construction paper on each color and soft Velcro on the corresponding loose samples. Simple as that, and now your kiddos have a simple color match activity to enjoy!

 Simple and inexpensive...just the way I like it!

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